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The long search for a Takoyaki Machine 2007/11/19 15:50
I have a friend who returned home from Japan recently and would love nothing more than a Takoyaki Machine for Christmas, Not only have I not been to japan (sad face) I do not each fish (or octopus in this case..)and know nothing about watts & conversations. I've looked on Ebay, on some Japanese electronic sites, I have no idea where to start, An electric one or gas one? I guess my only option is to actually order one, but I'm not sure what brand.. any help is appreciated
by Sean  

i love takoyaki, too! 2007/11/19 23:08
there is at least two type of takoyaki machine.

one is electrical, and i dont know where you are, but normaly you need transformer.


and the other is not machine but a kind of pan.

i recommend you pan type.
but im not sure they ship abroad or not.
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Donki 2007/11/20 14:46
Aww... If I just think that I bought mine for 999JPY in Donki... And works so well :(
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Iwatani Brand 2007/11/25 15:43
Iwatani has a good reputation, you can also just get a cast iron takoyaki hotplate that fits onto a protable BBQ that you see in Korean Bulgogi resturants.
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Buy online. 2007/12/9 06:57
Electric griddles are sometimes tricky depending on your region. Japan uses flat plugs which are compatible in the United States, however the wattage depends on the region of japan it was made for.

Probably your best and most reliable bet is to buy a cast iron takoyaki pan that you can use on the gas/electric range. Its also much easier to clean than an electric one and can be purchased at half the price.

a good western substitute for a takoyaki pan would be an Aebleskiver pan. (They would be big about 3x as larg,e but they are easier and cheaper to find.)


on ebay electric
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