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want to go back in japan 2007/11/19 17:17
Im afilipino worked before in japan illegaly ,monthly i receive an ave.of 400,000 yen ipaid my taxes can iget what ipaid?
by leandro ramos  

taxes 2007/11/19 17:34
You mean you want the taxes you paid back after working illegally in Japan? Very unlikely I would say- why would you be entitled to get them back, even if you had worked legally?
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tax refund 2007/11/19 18:31
you can only have a tax refund if:
you have worked legally(i.e. if you had a working visa);
you have a bank reciept to prove that you were supporting your family in your country,
birth certificates of your dependents.

In your case, I`m sorry to tell you, but you can`t have a tax refund since you had worked with out a proper visa.
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... 2007/11/20 09:54
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