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Finding apartment in/around Yokota AB 2007/11/20 05:51
Hi, I am a prior enlisted afrotc cadet that will be graduating and commissioning in dec. I have not gotten my report date but I am heading to Yokota shortly after I commission. Since I have no date, I don't have a sponsor to help answer questions so I figure I would check around myself. I am trying to find out if living quarters will be provided for me or will I have to find an apartment offbase. Also, what is the average price for an fairly nice sized apartment offbase(need a nice sized because I am 6' tall and 190lbs and don't want to hit my head every day). I am trying to find out because I would like to start planning my move and need to know how much of my stuff I can take with me.

Also, if you are stationed at the bases in Japan, are you allowed to ship your vehicle or are they not allowed due to the differences? I need to know if I need to sell my car before coming out as well.

Also, I was trying to figure out around how much I would be drawing in per month stationed at Yokota. If anyone can help me out with good estimates on cola, bah, bas, any other extras that I may not know about, etc. i'd really appreciate it. I will be an 0-1E with 9 years. Engaged but single status. Any info would help greatly. Thanks
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Yokota 2007/11/20 12:20
Try this website:


You should be able to find much of the information you requested in there.
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