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Antibiotics over the counter 2007/11/20 11:08

I`ve managed to catch a cold in Japan. So it started as a cough but now its moved deeper. I`ve had it before back home (form of chest infection, yellowish phlegm, slight fever etc.). All I need is a course of antibiotics. But in the UK you need a doctors note to buy them.

Is it the same in Japan or can I buy some simple course over the counter?

My Japanese skill is not very good and I don`t fancy the doctors bill (even with health insurance) and I`m busy at work just now, so can`t take the time off (basically because I look fine on the outside - in Japan you have to crawl to work before you can admit your feeling a little poorly :) )

Thank you in advance
by Adam  

Antibiotics 2007/11/20 12:04

You can't get antibiotics over the counter here. You will need to see a doctor.
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prescription needed 2007/11/20 13:25
You definitely need a prescription. If it is no longer a cold and you have developed a secondary infection, i.e. it has hung around for more than 10 days and doesn't seem to be getting better, don't mess with your health- see a doctor, pay the money., it's worth it.

Infections like that can progress to pneumonia and other complications even in young people if left untreated.
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doctor 2007/11/20 14:20
We have a saying that catching cold may lead to all desease.
For yourself as well as for others around you(they may catch germs from you), you need to go to doctor a.s.a.p and take days off. Japanese companies are not so mean as you think. Get well first and get back to your work.
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Thanks 2007/11/20 17:27
Thanks for the replies.

I`ve only had the cough for under a week so I just wanted to know in case it gets worse. But if it doesn`t look as if its going to clear within a couple of days i`ll whip out the old phrasebook and head to the doctors this weekend.

Thanks again.
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