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Olympic department store location 2007/11/20 13:11
I went to the Olympic department store when I first moved here and bought a lot of useful stuff. I'd like to go back there, but I do not know where the store is located. We went by car there, so I didn't really pay attention. Can anyone tell me where the store is?
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... 2007/11/20 14:18
what prefecture?
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Sorry. Forgot to add my details. 2007/11/20 15:17
Anywhere in Tokyo is fine with me. I'm near the University.
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Olympic 2007/11/20 21:09
The university? I'm guessing you mean Tokyo University, but there is more than one university in this city.

There was an Olympic in the suburb I live in but it has been pulled down. There are plenty of other low-price department stores in and around Tokyo though (Ito Yokado, Seiyu to name just 2) and sometimes their prices are better than Olympic- we always comparison shopped and sometimes bought from Seiyu, sometimes Olympic, sometimes others.
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I acually just need curtains... 2007/11/20 21:26
...and possibly a blanket.

Yes, I meant The University of Tokyo.

Anyway. I had good luck when I was at Olympic last time. (And I remember a pet shop nearby, so I was interested in going there too.)

I don't have a lot of free time, so I just wanted to get to a place that I know I can find what I need. I browsed the shops in Nippori, which was fun, but I didn't find anything.
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Olympic 2007/11/20 23:00

Olympic - Hakusan store
phone 03-3813-9121

a map in Japanese

Olympic is about 300meters toward Sugamo from corner of Hakusan Dori street and Kototoi Dori street.
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Extremely helpful 2007/11/21 08:02
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