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7-11 ATM daily limit? 2007/11/20 15:29
I'm a former Nova instructor trying to get home. Today I booked a ticket through a travel agent and I have to do the bank transfer by 11 a.m. tomorrow.

I don't have anywhere near the amount needed in my bank account so I went to 7-11 to withdraw money from my US checking account but I could only withdraw 50,000 yen. I need about another 30,000. I looked on the 7-11 website and it says their limit is 50 bills and also that the unit available is 10,000 yen. 50 10,000 yen bills is like 5,000 dollars and I was only able to withdraw 5 10,000 yen bills so maybe that's the real limit? The alternative answer is that 50,000 yen is my US bank's limit (I don't know the limit - stupid me!). If that is the case I'm screwed because since I withdrew this in what is the middle of the night in the US it'll count for the day there right, so I won't be able to withdraw more before 11 a.m. Japan time.

So my question is, does anyone know for sure if 500,000 yen is the 7-11 limit or do they mean 50 bills as in 1,000 yen bills are the smallest bill?
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... 2007/11/20 15:52
Sounds like your banks atm withdrawal limit. I'm actually suprised that you could withdraw 50000 yen because my limit is 30000 per day.

Try contacting your bank and see if they will lift the limit. That happened to me once in Japan and the customer service agent was able to temporarily lift the hold on my account to allow me to withdraw more money.
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