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Any black hairdressers on Okinawa? 2007/11/21 11:16
I'm looking for a good hairdresser on Okinawa to relax my black hair. previous post mentioned checking out Kadena ads. But I do not have access to the military bases and cannot find any such ads. thanks.
by Connie  

there are black hairdressers 2007/11/22 12:22
Yes the best one is Chanell and she leaves in the North Foster Towers near Camp Foster. I see her work and she is amazaing
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Contact? 2007/12/4 13:11
Thanks for this information. Do you have a phone number or other contact information for this or any other hairdresser in Okinawa who does black ahir? You can email me at connie@unt.edu
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Ginowan 2007/12/11 14:30
As you say you don't have base access, there is a new hairdresser/salon place in Ginowan that I think might be what your looking for. Its on the corner of Rt58 and rt81, on the left (if your facing south).

Don't know the name though sorry.
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African American Hairsylist in Okinawa 2008/5/26 21:53
We are stationed in Okinawa and there is no particular salons that specifically caters to AA hair on Okinawa. Basically, it's word of mouth and referral. You see someone's hair, ask them, and they will tell you the name and number of the stylist. Honestly, you will end up getting your hair done in someone's home in which they usually set up an area in the house to cater to hairstyles.

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black hairdressers in Okinawa 2008/5/26 21:55
Also, they japanupdate.com. Some black hairstylists will post their services in the local paper.

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