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Need Directions to 2 places 2007/11/21 12:17
Tokyo 23-ku
I found maps of all the places I plan to go to while in Japan but there are 2 places I cant find much information on.
Im trying to find out how to get to:
1-Zeal Link, a record store in Sibuya-ku.
2-Super Live Theatre Area in Takadanobaba.
Im looking for directions coming from the Shinjuku train station.
I have checked everywhere and I cant find anything (not even on GMAP). Any help would be appreciated.
by ASG  

... 2007/11/21 12:39
2)Super Live Theater Area
Take JR Yamanote line from Shinjuku to Takadanobaba. Find "Waseda Exit" and turn left. 3-4 min walk and you'll see SEIYU supermarket on your right. The livehouse is on the basement floor of this supermarket.
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Thank you JLady 2007/11/21 13:28
I dont think I would have found that place on my own. Thank you so much! I appreciate it alot!
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Record/Vinyl Collectors Forums 2007/11/21 14:12
Some of the groove/funk/soul/rare record forum/discussion groups regularly swap info on how to find specific record stores in Shibuya and Harajuku.

I know last time I went, my hubby had a map of record stores he wanted to get too - we found some of them.

From Shibuya station, cross the major crossing but angle to the right... keep following it towards the little police booth and you will start seeing record stores everywhere!
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Found Zeal Link Website 2007/11/21 14:19

And the page with the m,ap to their store:

It's a google map ref, in Japanese so you may be able to get it in English.

Hope it helps!
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Thanks Natalie 2007/11/21 14:28
Wow! This helped me alot.
Im going to a place near that Parco building so that helps me tons!! Thanks so much!!!
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