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Can I apply for dual-citizenship? 2007/11/21 15:24
Hi, I am 18 years old and I was wondering if I could apply for dual-citizenship. My Dad was in the military,and because of a typhoon, I was born in a Japanese hospital in Kanagawa. My birth certificate is in Japanese, and it was americanized or translated into English after I was moved to a base hospital. I was not born on an American base, I was born on Japanese soil, can I apply for dual citizenship?
by Jeanette Crawford  

jus sanguinis 2007/11/22 09:44
Japanese citizenship is done through "jus sanguinis" which means "right of blood". It only matters that you have Japanese parents. Unlike the US, which is "jus soli" ("right of soil"), you can't claim citizenship just from having been born there.
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