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3.9 million yen salary 2007/11/21 21:56
Is 3.9 million salary in japanese yen enough to live off of in Tokyo by myself? Would I be living low, medium or high standards?
by Eddy  

wow 2007/11/22 11:59
3.9 million?

If you don't take the job, can I have it? :)

I don't live in Tokyo (about one hour away) and I don't have to pay rent, but I easily live with 110000 yen per month. I'd say you can even live in a good hotel the whole time for 3.9 million yen!

Living in Japan is not as expensive as one would imagine (at least from a German's point of view).

I'd say go for it! Maybe someone with more experience living in Tokyo can give more details.
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. 2007/11/22 12:02
I just tried out my calculator.

Are you sure that you read that number correctly?

3.9 million yen is roughly 27.000 Euro. You can feed a family of 10 with that kind of money and still drive a Porsche around. ^^

Although in Japan driving cars is not really fun.
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I think he means per year 2007/11/22 12:21
I think the poster is referring to a 3.9 Million Yen per year job. Although, the original poster might want to clarify if he is talking per year or per month.

I do not believe that a 3.9 million yen per year salary is much money for living in Tokyo. I think that you will have to probably live in a smaller apartment and eat low priced food if you are talking about your salary per year.
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. 2007/11/22 12:57
Ah, I see, this seems more likely. :) Well, that's 325000 yen per month. Almost triple of what I currently get. Should be ok for average living standards, normal meals, the occasional treat, ... :)

I currently spent almost half of my money on weekend trips, electronics and treats for friends.
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Need a baseline to compare Tokyo to 2007/11/22 16:03
Hello Eddy,

What conditions do you live in right now? What do you consider low or medium conditions?

Living in Tokyo can be very expensive. Nice housing can easily cost 300,000+ Yen per month. However, housing can also be much cheaper if you are willing to travel farther to work each day. You should talk to the employer to understand where in Tokyo you will work and find out if they will help you with housing costs. Moving to Japan would be very stressful and difficult if you do not speak the language and you do not have help with getting an apartment.
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salary 2007/11/22 16:33
3.9 million a year is a bit more than your average English teacher in Japan- it is at the low end of a mid-range salary.

Haf may be living off 110,000 a month, but most people wouldn't be able to manage this- my monthly expenses with rent, utilities, transport, cellphone and groceries come to more than 110,000 yen and I don't have an extravagant lifestyle, nothing like it.

325,000 a month (before tax?) will allow you a modest lifestyle going out a couple of times a week and possibly you can save a bit depending on your financial commitments.

As a comparison an entry-level IT job is usually around 450,000 a month at least, although that can vary.
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3.9 million salary 2007/11/23 14:20
Lets assume it`s per year, anyone pulling that sort of money per month won`t be asking if its enough to live on in Tokyo! Depending on what your doing for the money i guess it`s OK to live on but with no extravagent lifestyle. At 325,000 per month before tax it probably works out to close to 300,000 after, not sure on what insurance / pension contributions you will be required to pay on that money. Still lets say you can get a small apartment, and i mean small for 100,000 in Tokyo (i pay 200,000+ for 1LDK 50 sqm) then yuo`re left with ~200,000 for the month, you can live on this but times may be a little frugal. If you save more on renting an even smaller apartment you will be out every night spending all your saved money ... don`t forget to factor in Key Money, real estate fees ... which for me was 5k i wil never see again.
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3.9 as a yearly salary 2007/11/23 22:18
If it is a yearly salary, which we seem to be assuming then I would say you could easily live here on less. It all depends on where you want to live. If you rent in the west suburbs, or somewhere like Nakano, you could live quite cheaply. You could even live in parts of Saitama or Yokohama depending on where you are working. I would say that is a comfortable salary to live in the low-mid range. You would have enough for rent and nice food and a good time easily.
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moving in 2007/11/24 08:21
I think the key starting point is realizing how much money it will cost to move into an apartment.

Let's say you live in the suburbs, and rent is around 80,000yen/month. To move in, it could cost up to:
Key money: 160,000 yen
Agent's commission: 80,000 yen
Refundable Deposit(bond): 160,000 yen
One month in advance: 80,000 yen
Guarantor Insurance: 56,000 yen

Total = 536,000 yen !!!!
It MAY be less than this, but this may be what you will have to pay up front, to move in!!!

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