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Which ones? 2007/11/22 09:30
I want to use Ponds whitening products, but I dont know which ones to use, well if you know ponds. there are so many. I already have very fair skin but I get freckles in the summer even when I wear hats and use TONS of sunscreen. my skin gets dull and not so white during the winter, especially this particular winter HELP!!!
by Momoko  

Freckles 2007/11/23 10:56
Momoko san:

My mother used that brand and had, until her dead, a marvelous skin. Nowadays, that company has gained more experience, so I think you will be in good hands.

I have freckles too, and just finished a book about Phytoteraphy. Maybe this ideas will help you, because I tried on myself and made wonders.

1. Use the whitening cream only at night and never during the day.

2. 3 times a week,you should apply directly on your clean face, the fresh juice made from (Papaya / paw paw - Parsley or Cucumber).

3. Leave it on your face for 1 hour, and rinse with warm water.

4. Try for a 6 month period. Some japanese friends of mine tried just 3 months and was fine. You must do it in the morning or evening. Avoid sun rays.

5. You can drink half small glass of cucumber juice and also apply it over your clean face.

6. The same goes for the Papaya juice. Once applied on your face, it will work as an exfoliant and will help to vanish the freckles produced by the sun rays.

7. Won't vanished the ones by birth, but will help to turn them lighter.

Please let me know how it worked on you, I will be checking this thread from time to time. It won't harm you because everything is natural, but if you feel unconfortable, don't do it please. At night use your cream.

Has been a pleasure.
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