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residency question 2007/11/23 11:24
I recently went to japan to look for work and signed up for a registration card, but due to a family issue had to leave japan before it was ready, and I did not have time to let the office know, it since would have expired due to being over 90 days, will this be a problem if I try to return to Japan in the future, since I never picked up the card?
by studentoflanguage  

Residency Card 2007/11/23 14:22
More info on thsi `residency` card. The procedure i followed was extensive and believe me when i say you will start from the beginning when you try again, they wont have a card waiting for you at the ward.
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... 2007/11/24 07:43
It is relatively easy to look up the phone number of city offices. Then you can call them and inform them about you not being able to pick up your card.

Even if you don't, I doubt that the issue will cause you any major problem. If you apply at the same city for a new card again, they might remember you as a minor trouble maker, but I don't think that they can/will take any official actions against you.

As for the procedure to get a card, it usually involves little more than getting a correctly sized passport photo and bring it to the city hall together with your passport.
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Thanks! 2007/11/24 10:06
Thanks for the info guys!

I appreciate it!
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card 2007/11/24 10:07
What did you have to do that was "extensive", Neil? As Uji says, you take photos and your passport to the ward office, fill in a fairly simple form, wait a bit, come back when they tell you to (usually a couple of weeks later) and then pick it up.

Pretty tame as far as bureaucracy goes.

If you are going to be living in the same ward you may have some explaining to do, but if you are going to live in a new ward/ city they won't have records of you so there shouldn't be any problem.
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