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unmarried American boy/Japanese girl 2007/11/23 21:15
My son and his fiance are expecting a baby in May. They may or may not be married by that time but the real issue is my grandbaby (can't help but smile - my first grandchild!) Will the child be able to claim American citizenship? Will the baby have dual citizenship. I don't know if they have considered where to have the baby as one is in college in the US and the other in college in Sweden. Thank you for your help.
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. 2007/11/24 09:40
Contact Japanese embassy or counsel in the US and get the accurate answer.
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I agree 2007/11/24 10:46
I agree with the other poster that you should contact authorities for the best answer... but I think the way it works is that in America you can claim dual citizenship, but in Japan you must claim one or the other.
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... 2007/11/24 13:49
I agree that you should check with the authorities... but as far as I know, no matter where the baby is born, as long as the Japanese mom reports the birth to the Embassy/Consulate of Japan in the country where she is, the baby will be able to claim Japanese citizenship (under Japanese law, Japanese nationality is granted by virtue of one of the parents being Japanese). If they are not married, I have no idea about the American part.
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3 months 2007/11/24 13:59
When my wife gave birth in Canada to our first daughter, she had a 3-month window in which she had to report the birth to the nearby Japanese consulate in order to have our daughter registered on her koseki back home in Japan. I remember her insisting that this 3-month window was very important and that children who aren't registered within it won't be able to get Japanese citizenship. The application form from the consulate was rather intense and we had to submit it with a copy of her koseki shohon. However, everything worked out just fine. Like everyone else said, contact the nearest Japanese consulate or embassy for more information.
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not sure but... 2007/11/24 23:52
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Dual Citizenship 2007/11/25 08:42
If born in Japan, the baby will be a Japanese citizen. When the birth is registered with the U.S. Consulate, then the child will become a dual citizen. When the child turns 18 he/she will choose which citizenship they wish to become. It is that simple.
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... 2007/11/25 08:57
When the child turns 18 he/she will choose which citizenship they wish to become.

According to Japanese law, the dual citizen has to make the decision before reaching the age of 22.
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