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Undergraduate Question 2007/11/24 02:08
Can some one tell me if there are any undergraduate program's in Japan for americans who wish to study n Japan instead of America?
by Robert  

... 2007/11/24 09:01
If you have advanced Japanese language abilities, you can take entrance exams to most universities in Japan.

If you want to study in English, you will be limited to just a handful of universities. While there are quite a few English courses on the master and doctor level, there are almost none on the undergraduate level:
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re 2007/11/24 13:53
I fail to see the logic of why a Americam would want to go to japan to study english

I am trying to find out if it is possible for someone who only has a 8th grade education to go to japan and get there ged there instead of here in america Sorry for the confusion.
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... 2007/11/24 16:22
I meant to say:

"While there are quite a few courses in English"

instead of

"While there are quite a few English courses"
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school 2007/11/24 16:25
So you mean high school education rather than university education, right? I would say only the US military bases offer that kind of course.
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