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How do you find a love hotel? 2007/11/24 10:53
My fiance and I will honeymoon in Japan. My fiance is very fascinated with the idea of a love hotel.

How do you find a love hotel? We will be renting a room for the entire stay in Osaka, but we will want a hotel room on our side trip to Tokyo.
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Shibuya 2007/11/24 16:28
There is an area of Shibuya called "Love Hotel Hill"- try a web search on that as there should be some info in English.
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Love hotels 2007/11/24 16:54

Most of the main entertainment districts (Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno, etc) have clusters of love hotels within walking distance of the station. You can often see the neon signs from the train.
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... 2007/11/25 08:19
They are most easily recognized by the rate signs with two types of rates: something like "REST" (for 2-3 hours during the day) and "STAY" (overnight).
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. 2007/11/25 11:00
I was about to post saying that love hotels only rent for 2-3 hours until I saw uji's post. Do all love hotels offer overnight stays? I've only been to one once but I did not see that option.
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Love hotels 2007/11/25 11:26

I was about to post saying that love hotels only rent for 2-3 hours...

Depends on the hotel. Many offer "free time", which is often 6-8 hours, during the daytime.

Do all love hotels offer overnight stays?

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love hotels 2007/11/27 07:30
besides the 2 type of rates most of these hotels are fairly obvious as they have an unusual appearance. either some over the top kitschy look or, like a hotel by the Dotombori canal west of midosuji (osaka) huge red lips, roses and a barely dressed lady all painted on the facade.
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Uguisudani 2007/11/27 09:58
Any tourist interested in this topic should drop by Uguisudani Station on the circular Yamanote Line.

While the station is right in the middle of the old town touristical district of Tokyo, the sight just from the platform is astonishing. Some of the neons belong to not love hotels but other sex industry facilities, although you'll know the hotels because it says "HOTEL".

Keep in mind that not all rooms are love-hotel-ish. Those with the most "radical" rooms are usually situated near highways and are accessible only by cars. But still there are fun rooms in the city centers as well. There is usually a photo guidance at the enterance, so you can choose your favorite kind. In other words, those without photo guidances are quite normal; just a simple room without a view.

Like any hotel, weekends tend to be fully-booked sooner. But you can always check in in broad day light.

So why is everybody so knowledgable about love hotels, btw -g
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love hotels 2007/11/27 16:29
in my case because I always pay special attention to the architecture of buildings and besides the very unusual architecture somehow the price list posted outside is a dead give away(I am from Europe where some hotels rent rooms by the hour and everybody knows what that mean). Also there are internet sites with photos of love hotels, and finally because I saw a US TV show about Kelly Osbourne doing all sorts of jobs and stuff in Japan including cleaning a love hotel.
No I haven't used one and don't fancy doing it. Not that I am prudish, I just know that I would spent so much time looking at the weird decor (a SM hello kitty room??) I would not sleep or ...
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more than two people? 2007/12/17 11:57
another question on the topic- do love hotels allow groups? My friends and I are looking to have a small party (6ish people), and some of the rooms are way bigger than our 4 and 6-jo apartments! I've heard some places won't let more than three people in, and won't allow all guy groups (we would be mixed)-Would they even know if a bunch of people are in one room?
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Party groups 2007/12/17 12:19

The majority only allow male--female couples, but some places allow singles, male couples, or threesomes. It will be harder to find places that allow party groups, so you probably need to look for places out in the suburbs rather than in the city. The best way is to check one of the Love Hotel guides or use one of the web search sites.
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... 2007/12/18 11:52
Love hotels will surely know if people try to sneak in and out.

There is practically no "lobby" or any cafes inside, so anyone passing the reception is sure to have come in/out a room. They are quite strict about these things, because due to the privacy love hotels provide, there have been murders in the past.

You are to phone the reception when you want to leave your room, and if they see that not all guests have passed the reception, they will check the room to make sure nothing wrong has happened.
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Why do we know? 2007/12/19 03:31
...because they're some of the most economical overnight stays in Japan (no per-person rate, too), and the themed rooms are kind of fun! Unlike youth hostels, they're all over Japan and not hard to find, usually on the outskirts of a city along a major road. Also, they're pretty rare, at least in the US. I only know of a few here, and at least one is not someplace I would recommend people to visit...

In college, friends used to go to love hotels to do karaoke, but as was mentioned, it wasn't easy to get more than a couple in the room, and there's no parking for more than one car per room.

The downside is that the overnight rate usually starts at 11pm, sometimes 10, which is kinda late when you're traveling.

Also, there's TONS of love hotels in Fukui. Some are kitschy, some are almost like regular, nice hotels. I was told that a lot of regular hotels converted to love hotels after the world gymnastics championship in Sabae in 1995. My theory was that it rains so much in Fukui, it's one of the few forms of entertainment in the area;)
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Love Hotels in Warabi? 2008/9/18 13:55
Are there any love hotels in Warabi? I live near the JR station.
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Warabi 2008/9/18 21:01

Are there any love hotels in Warabi?

Apparently so. One minute's walk from the station...
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