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Tailor-made yukata or kimono? 2007/11/24 21:40
So, I find myself being too big and tall (size 42) in normal yukatas and kimonos... Anyway, I'm not going to give up!

A few people told me to order tailor-made yukata from Japan when I'm staying there.
Some guestions popped into my mind and I decided to ask here:

Here to order? Can I just walk into some random yukata shop and ask for ordering? Is there some particular shops for ordering size made yukat/kimono?
Can I make order in internet?

How long does it take? Days, weeks? (I'm staying only 7 days!) Is it impossible if I cannot speak japasene?

Thank you for all possible help!
by Eri  

yukatas 2007/11/25 11:50
Yukata are usually made in bulk but one can always ask. as for kimonos they are custom made(check any department store) but the prices go from very expensive to extraordinary expensive!
perhaps you could b ya bolt of fabric and have a Yukata made back home?
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I'll have to try it... 2007/12/6 17:20
Yes, perhaps that's the best altenative. Coz I don't want to pay any awful sum of it.
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