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Akihabara maid cafe/figurine store 2007/11/25 01:53
Where can i find maid cafes? And which figurine stores is cheap and good? I ever heard of a store name 'Goodman' But did not catch where it was :(
by elizabeth  

Akihabara 2007/11/25 18:54
Some good figurine shops in Akihabara are: Gamers, Asobit, and upper levels of Yodobashi camera. But really, there's tons of places, just take a stroll and many of the manga store you'll see have a supply of figurines.

You may want to take a trip to Shibuya's mandarake. I spent hours in there. Seriously. Manga, figurines, and all kinds of collectables.Ikebukuro has a good amount of figurines to offer as well. There's only a few stores, but they are well stocked. I believe that Animate.

As for the maid cafes, i saw tons of girls handing out flyers everywhere in Akihabara advertising them. You should be able to ask them, and the flyers often have the specials and a map.
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Maid cafe's 2007/11/26 22:31
Indeed, you'll find girls like in this photo handing out flyers anywhere in Akiba; you'll find a map on the flyer directing you to the place.
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