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Who produces automated parking lots? 2007/11/26 02:28
I'm interested in automated car parking systems like this:

Does anyone know company producing this stuff? Thanks in advance.
by bobrof  

maker 2007/11/26 10:25
The following is the name and address of a maker who produces the automated multistory car parks.
Their home page is written in Japanese and I don't know thier e-mail address.

Name: Watahan Tecnos Co, Ltd
Address: 5th Floor Kyoritsu-Yotsuya Building, 1-23-6 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,160-0004
Tel : 03-3357-4694
Fax: 03-3341-3343

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It's a pity but it's not that company 2007/11/27 01:10
It seems like this company doesn`t produce parking systems mentioned above. Instead they make a number of different systems, not the one I'm interested in.

P.S. Thanks for the answer. Looking forward to find the exact firm making system you may see in video.
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IUK's system? 2007/11/27 08:52
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