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Getting breast implants in Tokyo? 2007/11/26 10:12
I seen an issue of Metropolis on the subject of cosmetic surgery, that listed different clinics in Tokyo. I checked the prices for the english speaking clinics and they seem to charge you more, does anyone know of any ones that are english friendly?
Also there's an ad in metropolis for a clinic called shonan cosmetic surgery, but the website (s-b-c.net) is in japanese so i tried calling and they didnt speak english. But the ad is in english and in a foriegn magazine which is a bit confusing. So if anyone knows if they do deal in english or not that would be great.

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surgery 2007/11/26 15:54

None of my business really but cosmetic surgery is SURGERY, not a haircut or a make up. This is something much too serious to even think about having it done by people who, no matter how skilled they are, don't speak your language and vice versa.
before any surgery, even cosmetic, you must have a few long talks with the surgeon etc. I don't think that a reputable doctor would accept you if you two couldn't communicate.
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