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Mosquito repellent 2007/11/26 19:14
Hi guys,

Will be visiting Japan tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good mosquito repellent that is effective (preferably purchased in Japan), or some funky gadget or whatever to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Thanks in advance.

by Hung  

Vape maybe 2007/11/27 09:08
There are almost no mosquitos at this season, so after you arrive, you can ask around and do your research until summer.
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no mosquitos, it's winter 2007/11/27 10:09
Unless you are going to Okinawa, it is far too cold now for mosquitos- all of about 12 degrees today. You won't see any on the mainland, I guarantee you.
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. 2007/11/27 13:01
I recommend buying repellent BEFORE arriving in Japan. I could never seem to find any decent repellent that actually works in Japan.
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... 2007/11/27 13:48
There's a widely available brand with an orange cap that I have used and it works fine. I've also seen a brand with a blue cap. They're easy to get at any convenience store in the summer. Just look for the pictures on the can of bugs bouncing off peoples skin.

I personally prefer mosquito coils however because i don't like putting stuff on my skin. They can also be bought at the convenience store.

Be careful bringing repellent over as you can't bring aerosol cans on the plane.
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why? 2007/11/27 21:33
Why would you want mosquito repellent in late Nov- early Dec?
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mosquito 2007/11/27 22:52
Maybe Hung is already in Japan now and finding no mosquito to worry about ufufu
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