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What are the breaks like in classes 2007/11/27 12:01
I just wanted to know what the breaks where like in school? Like how the classes work during break or lunch, do they have more then one class to go to or it's only one class and diferent teachers go there?
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... 2007/11/27 14:34
I don't understand your question. Can you clarify?
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???? 2007/11/27 18:42
Do you mean, during the break in between classes, semester or lunch break?
Also you have to be more specific what grade level you're talking about.
And specify what part of Japan.
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class breaks 2007/11/27 18:57
What age group are you talking about?
It has been my experience working in a couple of Jr High and High Schools, that the students mostly stay in their homerooms while teachers come to them...with the exception of classrooms with specialized equipment, and then the students move to a different room. Also at one school the English classes are split - half the class goes to a different classrooms.
It has also been my experience that the hallways between breaks are chaotic, even if the students are going to stay in their classroom!
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To be more clear 2007/11/28 07:21
Hey, sorry of not being clear. I should have said the grade. I am thinking like around Secondary 3 and 2. And I meant break like during class and there lunch break.
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... 2007/11/28 09:42
Sorry, but I'm still confused. What is "Secondary 3 and 2?" Maybe it would be better to post an age range.
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Age 2007/11/28 10:17
13 and 14
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jhs 1st/2nd years 2007/11/28 10:54
So 13 and 14 year olds would be the equivalent of first-year and second-year junior high school students in Japan. These students have a homeroom class with a homeroom teacher. Specific subject teachers (like Math, Science, Kokugo, English, Socials, etc...) visit this class. The students don't usually change classrooms except for subjects like PE and Music in which they'd go outside, visit the gym or the music room.
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. 2007/11/28 17:27
Just to clarify what chan_konabe said, Kokugo means Japanese. The national language of Japan.

During lunch breaks students typically eat lunch in their classroom. They bring their own lunchboxes, too. This happens all through high school as well.
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