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What are some of Japan's safest cities? 2007/11/27 12:03
I know that Japan, as a whole, is (or at the very least, used to be) a very safe place, but regarding the cities, which ones would you consider to be some of the safest, specially in the Kyūshū and Shikoku areas? And speaking of safety, how is Japan this days, anyway? I haven't been following the news lately, so your opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your answers.
by Jon  

no particular city 2007/11/27 21:31
Basically all Japanese cities are similarly safe- there isn't a large difference in crime rates from city to city, unlike in the US for example. Some areas of Tokyo and Osaka are more crime prone, but generally speaking any city in Japan is safe- this is not something you need to worry about.
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area 2007/11/27 22:56
Sira's right. It's more about the "area" than the "city". If you're looking for housing, just try to find a place in a peaceful residental area but not too lonely.
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