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cheap and good electronic goods? 2007/11/27 23:07
Hi everyone!

My name is jeremy and i come from Singapore. I am planning a trip to Japan this December. I will be visiting around Asakusa Kannon nTemple, Nakamise Shopping Street and Ameyoko Market (Ueno) as seen in my itinerary and staying at Hotel Metropolitan. Does anyone know how much does the nintendo game console WII cost in japan? where can i find the cheapest one around where i will be visiting and how do i get there? I am also planning to get some Sony Cameras.. do you think it's better to get it in Japan?

Prices here in Singapore:
Sony DSC-T2- SGD$599 (44,797.03 YEN)
Sony DSC-T200- SGD$649 (48,553.75 YEN)
Sony DSLR-A700- SGD$2,199 (164,514.16 YEN)

by Jeremy  

Kakaku 2007/11/28 12:24
The best prices listed in Japan on kakaku.com are:

Sony DSC-T2- SGD (34,696 YEN)
Sony DSC-T200- SGD (30,700 YEN)
Sony DSLR-A700- SGD(136,000YEN)

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Where to find electronic gadgets? 2008/8/5 16:52

Is there a place near Shinjuku where I can find various gadgets like IT products/cameras etc?
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Apple 2008/8/5 22:59
This page will answer your question about where in Shinjuku to shop for electronics.

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akibahara 2008/8/6 13:37
hi jeremy,
i went to akibahara last weekend and there were plenty of shops where you can buy gadgets/ laptops at a cheaper price. but be sure to check if the one you are buying is a second hand or brand new.
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