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Naogya-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Nagoya-Tokyo 2007/11/28 13:10
Tks everyone for your advice!This is my plan.
Day 1 Nagoya-Kyoto-Nagoya
Day 2 Nagoya - Hiroshima (shinkansen)
Day 3 Hiroshima-Nagoya (shinkansen)
Day 4 Nagoya
Day 5 Nagoya-Tokyo (shinkansen)
Day 6 Tokyo (night bus to Nagoya)
Day 7 Nagoya -Centrair
Is it too ambitious?
Shall I get the JR pass based on this itineary?
by Ho  

名古屋 2007/11/28 14:37
Based on my experiences from Nagoya, I don't think your schedule is too ambitious because Nagoya is not far from these locations you're going and you're allowing plenty of time on each location, be sure to visit Inuyama and museums near Nagoya castles etc when you are in Nagoya resting and maybe to Toyota factory for tour if you have time.
Also, you can easily access yourself to Gifu
(Takayama if you have an interest) area from Nagoya eki but that would take time.
I believe 7 day JRpass would benefit you since you will be commuting from Nagoya to other areas and back based on your schedule. Have you compared the JRPASS price to money you'll be spending on the train tickets without the pass? Not sure if JR bus has night bus from Tokyo but Uji can tell you specifics if you haven't already checked thru website.
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itinerary 2007/11/28 15:56

I would overnight in Kyoto instead of Hiroshima as there are many more things to see in Kyoto. In Hiroshima you only need a couple of hours for the peace park and can spend the whole afternoon in Miyajima island.
but in Kyoto you need 2 days to see a bare minimum. of course you could stay in Nagoya and commute to Kyoto these 2 days (it takes only 1 hr)
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... 2007/11/28 16:00
Is it too ambitious?

No, it is doable.

Shall I get the JR pass based on this itineary?

Yes. The round trip to Hiroshima alone costs alsmost the same as a 7-day Japan Rail Pass.
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Question on my itinerary 2008/1/6 01:27

I'll be going on a somewhat similar route with a 7-day JR pass and would like to get some advice on my itinerary.

Day1 - Reach Nagoya at night and stay over

Day2 - Leave for Kyoto early in the morning

Day 3 - Kyoto

Day 4 - (leave kyoto early in the morning for Nara) Nara and Mount Koya

Day 5 - Mount Koya (leaving for Osaka in the evening) and Osaka

Day 6- (Leaving Osaka early in the morning) Hiroshima and Miyajima (late afternn)

Day 7 - (Leaving Miyajima late morn) Himej castle and Takayama

Day 8 - Takayama and Shirokawa-go

Day 9 - Shirokawa-go to Takayama and then travel to Hakone (evening)

Day 10 - Leaving Hakone in the afternn for Tokyo

Day 11 - Tokyo
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... 2008/1/6 01:46
Your itinerary looks feasible, but I really doubt if it's enjoyable. I mean you will be able to move from one place to another, but you will have no time see the cities or attractions.

What is YOUR main attraction to visit Japan?

It might be better to drop Takayama & Shirakawago OR Hakone & Tokyo. I dont think one day in Kyoto or Tokyo is enough.
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Hi 2008/1/6 01:56

Thanks for the reply and it does make sense to consider removing one or two places to make the trip at a more leisure pace.

Hmm.. was thinking of visiting as many places as possible in the area.. For Kyoto I'm planning two full days.

I'm only scheduling a day in Tokyo as I've been there for a few times =)
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good plan 2008/1/6 03:08
I think your iteniary is good.
You have plenty of time in Kyoto from Nagoya, you get there in jiffy.
No one can see Kyoto in one trip, there is always more to see.
If you practice your sense of where you want to see in Kyoto before you head out, there should be no problem. There is buses and taxi tours available thru out Kyoto.
Takayama is must see place, I will not suggest you drop that.
All the places you listed can get thru rail easily and some places in jiffy, thanks to Japan's great transit systems.
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