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Free lessons? 2007/11/28 21:42
Hi, everyone..!
3 months ago i moved to Japan, my husband is Japanese, and he is working everyday till late evening... It's my second time to come to Japan. First time i was interested to go everywhere and look around, than for 2 monthes i visited Japanese express course, and when it was finished, i became so bored...! I have absolutely nothing to do at there... Everything about the house takes not more than 2 hours.
Receintly i was back home, to visit friends and relatives, but soon i'm going back to Japan. I plan to enter to language school, of course, but except that, i'm wondering, do you know some free lessons, like making japanese food, ikebana, may be something else... I wanna learn as long as i have that much of free time, but don't want to spend a lot of money for it - my husband will become poor very fast then... :))
I'm interested in Yokohama (mostly) and Tokyo area...
Thank you in advance for any information!
by Lina  

. 2007/11/29 10:11
Lina many local ward offices have foreign advisory boards or international organizations that meet. They offer various things such as cooking, language tutorial, foreign living assistance etc etc, the services vary depending on the demographics and organization of a city ward. Check with your local city ward to see what organizations or programs they have setup.
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Any luck? 2008/2/13 21:41
Hi Lina did you have any luck in finding anything I am pretty much in the same position as you and was also wondering what was available.

I have just seen a good website


and also


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... 2008/2/14 09:13
Well, honestly, i gave up on searching :) Now i'm visiting Aoba International Lounge (first place of your link!) - japanese classes, till i enter to YMCA in April... I reccomend you that place (Aoba) if you live not so far... It's really nice at there, and lessons look like private, just you, teacher and one more student... And about something else - i couldn't find anything, but my husband promised to ask his friend, who knows some information about ikebana lessons in English in Yokohama. I will let you know if i get the answer soon!
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