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cheaper sales on 01. January? 2007/12/1 13:08
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm planning to buy an electric dictionary in Tokyo soon, it will probably cost around 35~.
I've heard that on the first of January there will be price drops on a variety of articles. Unfortunately the people who told me this didn't know any details.
So now I am wondering if this is true and if yes, then I'd like to now what kind of articles will be affected.
What kind of price drop can I expect in general and in particular for the dictionary?
If this more than 15%, then I may wait another month. :)

Ahh, and since I'm interested in the japanese culture, what background does this price drop have? :)
by Haf  

... 2007/12/2 09:15
Surely you mean 35~@or 3.5~ otherwise that's some expensive denshijisho.
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electric dictionary 2007/12/2 10:24
I don't know exactly what you're planning to buy but recently I bought a Dell Axim PDA all tricked out with multiple dictionaries from this site:
www.japaneselanguagetools.comand I love it.

Just a thought.
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. 2007/12/3 10:39
Oop.s forget the point. Yes, I meant 3.5~BSorry. OO

About PDAs, I have a Palm PDA myself and it's got some nice software for learning Japanese and looking up words, but having used a denshi of a friend before, I've realized that this is indeed a good investment and better to handle than a PDA.

Sooooo, any infos about New Year price reductions? :)
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