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Buying a rice cooker and induction plate 2007/12/3 18:21

I was looking around the web for a site about rice cookers and/or induction plates, since I'm planning on buying just that before I leave Japan. I couldn't really find anything useful, and I don't really know what to search for in japanese.

Therefore, I was wondering if anyone here knew about such a site (english or japanese), or perhaps could recommend a machine directly? I'm not looking for the cheapest, but not the most super-expensive 100,000 yen ones either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
by Hokan  

Go to yodosbashi camera 2007/12/4 08:55
At yodobashi camera from Akihabara there is a special section for tourists who want to get japanese products and use them in their country. I don't know if you can get electric products to use with 220 or 240V, but all the front menues, manuals and so on should be in english. I hope that helps.
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english shopping portal in japan 2007/12/9 01:02
Go to
This is an english shopping portal in Japan.
Search for "rice cooker".
I just searched now and there were 3 choices in English.
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