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prices of wii,ds and psp in Japan 2007/12/4 02:38
Hello i wanna know the prices of the above mentioned products and will those products run the Disk available in English
i wanna know the current prices

thank you very much
by hassan Shah  

. 2007/12/4 13:04
Hi, I got my Nintendo DS for roughly 16500 Yen, a new PSP Slim Edition (PSP 2000) currently costs about 19800 Yen.

I haven't checked the Wii prices in stores, kakaku.com lists prices from 23000 Yen upwards, but I don't know if any controllers or games are included ad this price.

I don't own a Wii, so I can't say anything about imported games and movies, but the Nintendo DS and the PSP can play all games from all over the world.
As far as I know, the PSP has a code region protection for UMD movies.

Please note that the japanese devices run with 100-110V, so depending on the electric current in your country you might need a converter or something like that.
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Wii 2007/12/4 17:10
Unlike the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Wii is region locked and if you buy a Wii in Japan, you can only play games bought in Japan on it.
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Thanks 2007/12/4 20:39
Thank you for the infor half and Kappa

much appreciated
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