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Stores to buy video games... 2007/12/4 10:20
Tokyo 23-ku
As I understand, Japan doesn't have stores such as EB games, that are strictly video game stores, but I may be wrong.

Which stores would be best to find some DS games in Akihabara?

by Nathan  

Pretty much everywhere... 2007/12/4 12:41
It's not hard to find DS games in Akiba. you'll be able to spot the stores quite easy. Most have open fronts and you can simply look while walking by and see wihether or not they sell games. That's what i did. didn't seem to have a problem at all, aside from saving money for other things, lol.

If you want a more 'lots of electronics in one location' try going to Yodobashi Camera. Many floors of electronics, but may cost a bit more then the stores along the streets.
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