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Single Sex Japanese Schools 2007/12/4 15:17
Hey i'm going on exchange next year to Japan and i was just wondering if there are very many single sex schools in Japan. I went to a co-ed school through all my school life and i really don't want to end up in a single sex school in Japan.. so i was wondering what my chances were of ending up with one.. i know its a very general question but are there alot of Single sex schools.. a few... or .. you know. Any information that you guys could give me would be much appreciated.
by Tom  

schools 2007/12/4 22:09
I think there are more girls only schoools in Japan and less boys prep school. These schools are mostly private schools. If you go to public shcool,it's mostlikely a co-ed one.
by hodad rate this post as useful

All Girls School 2007/12/8 10:07
I'm an exchange student and am at an all girls' uni in Nagoya.

I've not seem an all boys uni, but my boyfriend says he went to an all boys school for junior high.

I think you're safe- you wont be sent to one!! (Even if you are- they're quite fun!)
by Cutetwirler rate this post as useful

. 2007/12/8 10:52
Many public schools are co-educational.
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