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Where to watch English Premier League 2007/12/5 00:26
Are there are good sports bar in Ikebukuro where we can catch football matches? I have found some in Roppongi, Shinjuku but as the matches are late into the night, we have a problem with transport back to our hotel at Ikebukuro. If there is a good place at Ikebukuro that we can go to and walk back to our hotel after that, it would be fantastic. Thanks!!
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yaye 2007/12/5 16:16
Ale House and HUB are in Ikebukuro near the station.

I would like to give you more details but I don't want get my hand slapped.

Both have happy hour. HUB already has showing schdule for this month.
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Thank you 2007/12/5 16:29
Hi there, Thanks for the information!
i went to the HUB's website but unfortunately I cannot read Japanese so I can't understand the schedule that they have there. We are particularly interested in the Manchester United vs Liverpool and Arsenal vs Chelsea match on Dec 16.

Is there a website I can visit for Ale House where there's also a schedule?
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HUB 2007/12/5 17:14
Hi Hi
I just looked carefully on HUB's show schedule and found out that Ikebukuro bar wasn't included. So,it could mean that they can show anything they want or show nothing at all. And at Ale House on 16th,the whole place is rented out for a party,Nuuuuu dang it!

...But,I was brave enuf to call the HUB and asked if you can request the channel and they said it is possible!! and just ask any attendance. They are mostlikely showing FIFA ClubWorlCup on that day but maybe the matchs are on air different time slot.

HUB that I called was HUB Ikebukuro Eastexit (Higashiguchi) Annex.
They open till 1am.

BTW,which hotel are you going to stay at? I hope it's walking distance.

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not good 2007/12/5 17:23

The game is kicking off at 1am Japan time.
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oh 2007/12/5 17:26
Liverpool-M.U. match kicks off at 22:30pm. You can watch this one.
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Thanks so much!! 2007/12/5 20:38
Thanks so much for taking the trouble to help me call them up to ask.. i really really appreciate it!! I am staying at Super Hotel which is near the North exit, is that in walking distance to the HUB that you called? I think will go and catch the 22.30 one.. and sadly we have to miss the 1 am match. But better than nothing I guess. Thank you very much once again
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no prob 2007/12/5 21:30
Ok then,apparently HUB Ikebukuro Nishiguchi (Westexit) is only few blocks away from Super Hotel.*brilliant* From the hotel,walk towards JR Ikebukuro station and when you see hospital(Okubo) then hang right and HUB should be right around there.
In case you need to ask direction,"Habu wa doko?" means "where is HUB?" in Japanese.
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(26/04/08) Chelsea Vs Mancehster United? 2008/4/25 22:27
is there any place or bar in Hakodate to watch English Premier League (26/04/08) Chelsea Vs Mancehster United?
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