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Directions to Uniqlo Ginza 2007/12/5 22:53
Hi all,

As i do not understand Japanese, appreciate any kind souls who could give me directions to the Uniqlo flag ship store in Ginza.

Also heard that there is a "T shirt Museum" in Ginza.

Appreciate all advises.

Many thanks in advance
by evonne  

. 2007/12/6 10:39
Uniqlo Ginza is here.
5-7-7 Ginza
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
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Uniqlo Location Ginza 2008/1/8 19:48
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uniqlo 2008/2/26 17:58
Anyone knows from JR Ginza station, which exit should I take to reach their flagship stall?? The maps are in Japanese and I cant understand. Thanks!!
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Ginza 2008/2/27 03:44
If you bring your mouse over the "trains" symbols on the map (see thread just before your post) you will see the stations names in English. for example the closest station just above the symbol showing Uniqlo location is Yurakucho on the JR loop line
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Main road 2008/2/28 09:01

If you like at the map above, there's a main road, Chuo Dori, where all the major department stores such as Matsuya, Mitsukoshi, Ginza Core are, that's where Uniqlo is. This road is closed on Sunday afternoons and its a nice place/time to do some people watching.

On the left hand side of the map, you can see the JR station Yurakuccho.
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Directions to Uniqlo Ginza 2008/3/7 08:53
Alight at Ginza Station and the exit is A2, it'll lead you directly to Uniqlo store in Ginza.
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