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Electric wok 2007/12/6 20:39
I would like to buy an electric wok for cooking. What are the large electrical applicance chain stores in Japan that would have a website on which I can see the different models? Also what is an electric wok called in Japanese? Dozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.
by m-chan  

... 2007/12/6 21:14
You do realize that a wok is Chinese and not Japanese, right?
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Electric wok 2007/12/6 21:25
Hi, yes I do realise :) It is for a gift for my Japanese relatives. In Australia, we have woks like these that plug into the electricity and don't need a stove (great for stir fying). I am hoping I can buy something similar in Japan to give them as a gift: http://www.toasters.com.au/products/product_details.cfm?rec_...

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Wok..Wok... 2007/12/6 21:44
Akihabara or may be chukagai in yokohama....

You most likely to get lucky in Akihabara as it is called the electric city!!
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... 2007/12/7 00:12
Like this?
In Japan, it is called "Guriru Nabe" and used for hotpots/sukiyaki/BBQ.
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wok 2007/12/8 11:43
I am afraid you cannot get an electric wok in Japan.
You can only get an electric barbecue plate.
One of the largest electric stores can be found in Shinbashi(next to the station). The shop is called Yamada Denki.
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