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Is Sophia University Hard to get into? 2007/12/7 13:26
Hi you guys! I just applied to Sophia university for spring of 2008.I'm really crossing my fingers !!!this may be a dumb question but, I was wondering if sophia is a hard university to get into for foreign students?
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. 2007/12/8 01:03
Sophia University is the one of top 5 private Univ in Japan.

Good luck.
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It depends 2007/12/8 01:11
I'm American and originally applied to Sophia University but got rejected.

I ended up going to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, in Beppu. Its basically the same stuff they offer at Sophia except the school is on top of a mountain in the countryside of Kyushu... not that I'm complaining because I've had a lot of fun here.

You could always try Temple University Japan in Tokyo. Its an American University so everything is in English.
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Sophia... 2008/1/9 00:52
Well Sophia is one of the top private schools in toko....so that sounds pretty nice and all. And it is sort of a hard school to get into, though it might be more luck than grades/application because as a student here i see tons of people who are not college student material....and then i hear about A-students getting rejected....but anyhow! Good luck!
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public vs. private 2008/1/9 03:17
So how does Sophia compare to the public universities?
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Sophia 2008/1/12 16:15
I have a sister who's currently studying abroad at Sophia right now via her EAP program at university. If you can't get in directly, it'd probably be a great idea to go that route, especially when you consider the fact that you won't be stuck in Japan for a realllly long time.
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Grades? 2008/4/3 00:06

I'm a girl from United Kingdom and wondering what grades are good for getting into Sophia?

They only say you need 2 A-levels, but they don't specify the grades.
I got CDDc at a-level. Average A-level grade is D.

Do you think I should apply to sophia or not? Thanks. xxx
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probably quite choosy 2008/4/3 06:35
I would say Sophia is the Japanese equivalent of Oxbridge or the other highly-ranked universities in the UK like Durham, Bristol, London and so on. If you are unlikely to get into them, I would guess that Sophia is unlikely to be an easier bet.
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Maybe random? 2008/4/6 01:56
Its very true that Sophia might seem a bit random regarding who they accept...take me, definaitly not a straight A student...but i got accepted. I think what counts a lot is the essay you have to write, but thats just a guess.

Besids it might depend on where you are from...sounds a bit bad but theres not that many students from northen europe at sophia...so to seem more international i think they are more willing to accpet you if youre from an exotic country...probably why i got accepted!

But Sophia is regarded as a high level school=hard to enter
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peter 2008/4/12 01:39
thanks peter.

I actually got into one of the top 20 universties in UK. I was lucky to get in there too I guess.

So i'll just try my luck with sophia.

thanks! xxx

btw, did u get average grades or what? and u got accepted to sophia.
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