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Nintendo DS 2007/12/8 02:32
Osaka City
I am going for a month long Japan trip and will be doing alot of traveling. I firmly suspect that I will be getting sick of my mp3 player (even though I will be buying some japanese ost's I don't want to whip out my old cd player). So I'm interested in buying a NDS to pass the time.

I was wondering if any stores in Osaka sell english games.

Also if I do buy a NDS, I am residing in Australia and the voltage here is 220, will I need a step down transformer to charge it at home?

Thanks in advance.
by Very Fat Bastard  

Re: Nintendo DS 2007/12/8 17:19
Some of the games, for example, the older Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games are sold in Japan with the English version on it so you can switch languages. I'm sure that you can find out to what other games this applies via the Internet.

As for the charger, when you're back home, walk into a game shop and buy an Australian charger, they're not expensive.
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Thanks 2007/12/8 18:42
Thats good news to here.
I never played Pheonix Wright but looked forward to as as after a few minutes of checking it looks like part to and 3 also have dual-language support.

Also its good to know I can buy an adapter in Australia from my local game store. Thanks for the reply, going to have fun hunting them down.
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DS games in English 2007/12/9 10:10
there's a few DS games listed here:
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