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What might be considered rude? 2007/12/8 10:44
Hello, my name is Zina im 17. I want to go to Japan but I want to know how to behave there. Im very friendly here in America but I dont want to do anything in Japan that might be considered offensive.
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Rude 2007/12/8 19:04
Actually there is very little to worry about if you are considerate towards others and, in general, behave just like a well behaved person back home.
That said, one thing the average tourist can easily get wrong is that Japanese people usualy don't eat or drink and walk at the same time. If you buy a drink or a sandwich, you are supposed to eat or drink it on the spot if chairs are provided or go to a park, etc.

But tourists can be rude: When I took the shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo, last September a large group of German speaking students was also in the same carriage and they were really noisy, blocking the aisle with their suitcases and were constantly standing up and leaning over the chairs. One guy repeatedly would want to check out if Fuji-san was coming up and would stick his head just in front of the people sitting on the other side of the train, leaning all over them to look out that way. Man, that was embarrassing. However, I'm pretty sure that this would be considered to be rude in any country :-)
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. 2007/12/13 09:21
Rest assured Kappa, that this behaviour by those students is also considered to be rude in Germany.
I'm sorry to read that some fellow citizens of mine don't know simple manner rules.
Well, unfortunately quite a lot of the younger Germans don't think about their actions being offensive to other people.

So Zina, I think it is great that you want to know about manner rules in Japan before visiting the place.

As was already said, Eating and Drinking while walking is considered rude, but I have to admit, even I do it sometimes. If you go to a matsuri however, it is ok to eat and drink while walking.

A real big no-no is to stick the chipsticks in your rice bowl so that they stand. Rice is offered that way to the dead.
So If you don't know where to put the chopsticks, laying them on the bowl or tray is fine.

Don't try to bow to people, even when they bow to you. Bowing is a very complex thing in Japan and foreigners usually can't do it right. A good response for foreigners to bowing is a polite nod.

In general, be open minded and think what you might find offensive.
You normally can't make that many big mistakes. Even at temples and shrines, if you don't disturb others, you are generally ok. :)

I wish you a nice stay and a great experience in Japan! :)
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What's Rude. 2007/12/13 19:13
Here are some things considered rude to do in public:

*Walking/standing while eating or drinking.

*Kissing, hugging or showing affection.

*Talking on a cellphone on a bus, elevator, or train.

*Talking loudly.

*Talking while in an elevator.

*Blocking someone's way in a train or bus.

*Crossing your legs on a crowded train or bus/ taking more room then you need to.

*Talking to strangers (Depending on where you go, if you try to make small talk with strangers in some areas of Japan such as Hiroshima, you may be ignored. I'm reffering to comments such as hello.)

*Crossing the street on a red light. (Some people do this, but are generally frowned upon)

And let me mention, most Japanese people don't expect foreigners to behave "Japanese". So you don't necessarily have to follow these rules if you wouldn't like to.

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