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traditional Japanese music 2007/12/8 15:31
hey there!
I am really into traditional
Japanese music (shamisen, koto) and I would like to see some live..
does anybody know where to go check this out..
thanks for your help!
by matty b  

Depends... 2007/12/8 16:59

It would help if you indicated where you live or are staying...
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I am a genious!! 2007/12/9 18:30
sorry there..
I am in Osaka
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. 2007/12/10 17:06
I hope you don't mind me for tagging along on this thread, I'm also interested in japanese classical music, but in the Tokyo/Saitama area. :)
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Shamisen 2007/12/10 17:58
There are a few different types of Japanese music, of course.

For 'serious' shamisen, used skilfully, sparingly and absolutely to move a story along, try the National Bunraku Theatre in Namba.

At the other end of the scale there is festival 'hayashi' music, and particularly the Bon Odori music, of which I think the best is in Sakai, a suburb of Osaka. You will have to wait until summmer for the festival, but I seem to remember bars in Sakai where the festival musicians play during the year.

Try calling the Sakai City Hall, Tourism Dept.

It is going to be a search, though. Except for Okinawa and northern Tsugaru regions, and the Taiko culture of Niigata Japanese music is not so much on the surface.

I love it, too.
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shamisen??? 2007/12/29 13:56
hello, my name is payton and I just got a shamisen recently and I was wondering if there is books (in english) that teach you it, or movies. I really want to learn it is such an interesting instrument and I can't wait until I can play beautifully. Also I live in the United States and in Arizona and if anyone nows that there is schools that teach shamisen lessons or teaching japanese or even japanese dance!!! I really really want to learn that too. so if you know anything about helping me learn either things let me know. by emailing me.
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