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anyone into Prince of Tennis? 2007/12/10 13:45
ever since i began watching the anime ane reading the manga, i have been hooked on POT.

it has become my fav anime/manga at the moment.
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I love Tenipur and Tenimyu 2008/6/19 10:23
Hi there~ I love the Prince of Tennis anime, manga, CD's, and musicals. Is that enough xD

Sadly, I live in the US though.
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i read some manga 2008/6/20 21:53
havent seen the anime but have read the first 10 volumes... its mainly a money thing that has stopped me progressing (its one of 40 manga series im reading at the moment) so i cant really afford to buy the rest at the moment. does it stay as good? i know some of the longer ones trail off...

although then again, whilst there are many volumes i find they only take about 40 minutes each (where as a text heavy manga will take me 2 hours)
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Love it!!!!! 2008/7/28 00:59
I love POT and i got all the way through the anime and also watched the movie, which i though was cool but had tocut a lot of things
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movie 2008/11/6 07:56
Yup, the movie did cut a lot of things out. I suppose its hard to make a 40+ volume manga into a 2-ish hour movie xD

The Prince of After School is out, and the great sequel is coming out around March.

Anyone watch the musicals?
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