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AU 3prong supported adaptor plug Japan 2007/12/10 18:24
HELP! Does anyone know where I could find an AU-JP adaptor that supports 3 prong Australian plug?

I recently just bought a laptop and realised it's not going to work on my current plug adaptop since it'only supports AU 2 prong plugs.

The adaptor plug must be non-grounded so it's only 2 prongs sticking out...I've never heard of one of these though...

Someone suggested I just buy a AU-USA one since it's the same as the AU-JP one but can support 3 prong and just cut off the grounded 3rd prong. Does this even work??? I don't want my laptop to short circuit or blow a fuse or anything lol

Another suggestion is to buy a AU-EUR one that supports AU 3 prong and then buy a second adapter plug for EUR-JP...that too could be a problem with connections and since its 2 adaptors ill be using on my laptop i don't know whats going to happen when I use it :(

help or suggestion anyone?
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howdy 2007/12/10 19:18
are you in japan or australia? remember australia is 240v and japan is 100v so regardless of the plug you need to have the right voltage. many laptops these days are dual voltage - look on the power pack. as for the actual plug, if you are in australia then dick smiths or tandy, if japan then bic camera or definitely tokyu hands
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joseph 2007/12/10 19:59
dude, the ones in australia only support 2 prong plugs not 3 prong plugs for AU-JP adaptor. i've serached heaven, earth and hell here and found nothing.

im still in australia but will go to Japan in 3 laptop is a Dell Vostro 1500 and it's dual voltage 100-240V so I just need a plug adaptor

my friend gave me these links but i cant read japanese lol

she also said Yodobashi is the best bet in Yokohama since I'll be staying around there.

anyone care to translate? any thoughts on if the ones in the links are the right one? its the same one in all 3 links.

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A suggestion (not proven) 2007/12/10 23:24
Can't understand Japanese but looks like it will accept 3 pronged AUS plugs though but only because its small enough just to fit over the top two (and miss the ground prong)

If you don't want to wait why not look for a double adapter from supermarkets that outputs into 2 prongs.
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drill 2007/12/11 12:13
The common AU - Japanese adapters only have 2 holes on the AU side. The place where the 3rd (earth) prong WOULD go is just plastic, and space behind it. You can drill a hole in the right spot, and plug the AU plug straight in.

The laptop power supply doesn't need the Earth prong anyway.
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adaptor plug 2007/12/11 14:20
my plug is 3 pronged aussie type, too. i got my adaptor from bic camera so yodabashi camera will probably have it too but i don't think the black one in the picture is the right one - i remember i had to get a slightly bigger and more expensive white one which was about 1200 yen
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2 pi/prong clover power cord 2007/12/11 15:02
For a start, is the above link show the power cable that you currently have/come with your laptop? Well don't worry, you can buy the same clover leaf power cord, but come with 2 prong/pin plug suitable for Japan usage. I have the same problem when I brought my laptop, come with 3 pin/prong (Malaysia/UK) clover leaf power cord. I just go to the nearest electrical shop and look for the same clover leaf cord with 2 pin/prong instead of 3 pin/prong. I think it cost me around yen1,000 ++ . Or else you can just buy one of those universal/travel plug adaptor avaialble at your local electrical store.
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Plug? 2007/12/11 18:18
I bought a D80 Nikon in NZ
and it has a 2 prong plug and when in Japan I thought I needed all sorts of stuff to charge the battery but
my lady friend helped me to buy just another cord which did the trick no problem.
It was 1,000 yen a bargin I thought. Just find a English speaking stuff member or get your Hotel to write out your
problem in Japanese before you go into a store.
Good luck
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Joseph and huds_n 2007/12/11 21:15
Joseph - do you know what it's called? are you in Tokyo or Yokohama area? hmm ok well i guess my safest bet is to go to bic camera (wherever that is) and Yodobashi camera as well to make sure...oh and I'll bring along my laptop power cable so there's no mistake...i don't have much choices, i've wasted alot of my work time (lol) looking for one here in Aus and on the web... best bet is in Japan. :/

huds_n - yes it looks exactly like that except the clover shape bit has an outer shape like a cross and the middle circle is slightly bigger than the two circles on each side (on the pic you supplied its kinda hard to see on that angle), My laptop power cable is suited to my Dell Vostro 1500 notebook, so im not sure if I can just buy a different power cable for it...don't wanna wreck a new laptop now ;)

anyway thanks guys for posting your thoughts and advices much appreciated :)

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ok so Joseph 2007/12/11 21:30
im in the same boat as well with this...

are you sure about your info? you sound abit you still have the adaptor? could you elaborate on your answer please my good man :)

we don't want to waste our time going to Shinjuku or Ginza area looking for this ädaptor" for an aus 3 prong and not find it...come man give us thou assurance lol

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This is the one.. 2007/12/11 21:44
Is this what you been searching for? The picture was taken at an electrical shop, KOJIMA near where I stay.

I'm using it on my laptop, bought from Malaysia,for almost a year with no problem whatsover.
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wow huds_n 2007/12/11 21:52
is the middle hole bigger than the 2 side ones (clover leaf end bit) ? because if it is then BINGO it's gotta be the one for my laptop (sorry angle of pic makes it hard for me to tell)

oh and for the pic of the product at KOJIMA it says DELL.HP so im guessing it's compatible for DELL laptops eh...which is what I have :)

by the way where is Kojima? are they everywhere?

you think Yodobashi or Bic Camera would have the same stuff too?

thanks for going through the trouble with the pics...:D:D:D
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Bingo.. 2007/12/11 22:00
I'm in Aizu,Fukushima, up north from Tokyo. Anyway, you can get the power cord easily at any electrical shop. Best bet is to find it at Akibahara,Tokyo tons of electrical/electronics stuff. Yodobashi or Bic Camera is much bigger shop compare to Kojima, so shouldn't be a problem there. And yes, the top/middle hole is bigger than the other 2 sides.Happy hunting.
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adaptor 2007/12/12 00:25
i definitely have it - i am looking at it now. to be honest i bought it a long time ago. i went to bic camera and it took a while to find the right one - it was even in a different section - i guess the foreigner section. it is white, says foreign tourists only, has the two japanese prongs sticking out and seems to be able to take just about any plug and is patented as a result. it was about 1000 yen but was about 8 years ago. i bought it in ikebukuro but i am confident you could find it at any similar big store.
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Dick Smiths? 2007/12/12 05:59
Im pretty sure you can get adapteres at dick smith as that is where I purchased my 2.
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