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Good canadian gift suggestions? 2007/12/15 13:16
I'm an 18 year old girl has a japanese penpal who's my age. She gave me some nice gifts like pens, pencils, postcards etc but i'd like to give her something she can't find in japan. I'm from Canada so does anyone have any suggestions for a canadian to give to a japanese girl? So far I give her postcards, stickers and bookmarks.
by Ren chan01  

popular gifts 2007/12/15 13:36
One gift that is especially popular with my teenage Japanese nieces and nephews are English comic books. I always bring some over when I return to Japan from Canada. They can be western ones (ex Spiderman or Batman) or Japanese ones that have been translated into English. They always get a kick out of them.
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This is what I have done... 2007/12/16 15:59
Go to your local dollar store and pick up Canada stickers, buttons, notebooks, key chains, what-have-you. I've also bought Canada Maple Sugar Pretz and sent them to my Japanese penpals. ;) Also, various western chocolate bars and candies have been a big hit in my experience. Don't forget cards and postcards as well.

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idea.. 2007/12/17 12:42
Do you want to know what I did? I was in a similar situation...Bonnebelle Lipsmackers are instant hits with japanese girls that age.They dont have as much choice over there with fun flavors,etc. at least when it comes to lip gloss. The ones they have are pricey as well and in bland flaovors. I looked. You can buy them at Walmart, or anywhere.. Guaranteed hit!! If you buy around Xmas time you will have more options.
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thanks! 2007/12/17 12:53
Thanks for the suuggestions :) I'm open for any more :)
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just wondering... 2007/12/18 10:08
I was wondering if sending some victoria's secret garden lotion and body sprays is also a good gift idea? Not only for penpalling but for host gifts or do they have victoria's secret in japan?
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.. 2007/12/30 01:40
No they dont have Vic.Secret in Japan, but I think those are good ideas..esp. if the person is into scented items. there lotions,etc. smell wonderful so they should be a hit with the females. many japanese know about vic.secret but to get it they must order online. actually it is cheaper to send stuff to japan online, than it is to canada. (but thats just useless info).oh yea choco bars are a good gift too.. just dont send licorice-is not popular. on a side note they have:kitkat, snickers, mars(?).
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thanks! 2007/12/30 05:33
Thanks for answer. I'm really glad. I plan on sneding a package when I get her letter. So thanks again and I'm always open for suggestions :)
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maple syrup and lip balm 2007/12/30 10:35
Maple syrup and maple syrup flavoured cookies and sweets are popular gifts from Canada here. Someone above mentioned lip balms being expensive, bland and not available in many flavours here- I don't know where they were looking but that's not true. They are about the equivalent of $2, and available in lots of flavours here- I am a lip balm addict and keep several around the house and in my bag at any time because I am always losing them so I know the ranges available well.

They would still be appreciated as a gift but are not a novelty, just so you know.
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gift 2008/1/1 00:46
Like the above person, Maple Cookies are great.
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Maple-flavoured foods 2008/2/20 07:45
In October 2007, I sent my penpal in Osaka some maple cookies, maple-flavoured tea, a bottled of maple syrup and a pin to celebrate the coming of the 2010 Winter games in Vancouver.

Some maple cookies and tea are good things to send.
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thanks! 2008/2/23 11:42
I'd like to thank everyone here for giving me great ideas. I will definitely add the maple syrup stuff. Please suggest more! I'm always open for more ideas!
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Maple Syrup might not be good.. 2008/2/24 14:59
I've tried maple syrup and flavored cookies.. they can be bought locally already...
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