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Sumo Wrestling Tickets 2007/12/15 18:02
Tokyo 23-ku
I am trying to get tickets to this coming sumo tournament - specifically January 24ths match. Their website does not seem to imply that they have an English line to call or any English speaking box office staff.

I don't want to pass up the opportunity to see this while it's on and I'm in the area! I've heard you can get tickets on the day, but that seems to be leaving things up to chance. How early would you have to arrive? Is it difficult for foreigners to communicate and get hold of on the day?

Please, need your advice on the easiest possible way to go about this. Or even if a Japanese speaking member might be so good as to get in contact with me to aid in booking procedure...
by Loki  

... 2007/12/16 08:32
If it is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday (January 14), then you will have no problems getting tickets on the day, if you don't mind sitting in the balcony level. It never sells out on regular weekdays, these days.
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Buying Sumo Tickets from overseas 2008/1/5 12:54

We are hoping to buy Sumo tickets from Australia (have a Japanese speaking friend)to the Osaka Sumo Tournament for the first day i.e. Sunday 9th March. Tickets go on sale on Feb 10th. Do you know if it is acceptable to ring Japan from Australia and purchase/book the tickets? Also, we will be in Tokyo on 24th and 25th Feb, so I could pick up the tickets or even purchase them on this date in Tokyo if good A class arena seats are likely to be still available. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Sales Info 2008/1/7 14:55
Here's the current sales information:


There are also same-day tickets, but there are only 350.
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