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Concert tickets for concerts at Budokan? 2007/12/15 18:12
Hi there!

I'm going to Japan in february, and at the TokyoGigGuide a lot of cool concerts pop up.

I really would like to go to the Bjork concert at the Tokyo Budokan 22th of february, but how do I buy tickets now, when I'm here in Europe, and don't know Japanese?

Can anybody tell me, please?

Best regards

Claus Michaelsen
by Claus Michaelsen  

... 2007/12/16 11:58
Unfortunately, there's no online ticket-booking site in English. Even Japanese sites need address in Japan for mailing.

Your best bet is to ask local travel agency if they can get a ticket for you or ask hotel concierge to buy it. Or use ticket-ordering services like this.
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@Claus Michaelsen 2011/1/1 19:05
were you able to get your tickets overseas? how? please share. thanks!
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