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Can Yukata be worn out even in winter? 2007/12/17 14:30
Just a quick check (tried the search but no joy). I understand that Yukata is worn in the summer, but was told that it can also be worn in the winter with some kind of overcoat? Can anyone confirm this? My wife and I would love to wear the Yukata out on New Year eve.

by Bryan  

... 2007/12/17 16:28
My (limited) understanding is that it is only in summer you can wear yukata as something to go out in. So of course for something to relax in at home (as homewear), it is OK throughout the year.

I think the only instance where yukata is worn outside the home in Japan is at onsen (hot spring) ryokan (inn)/resort, where people will put on "tanzen" or "haori" (rather thick coat-like kimono) over it, the intention being people would want to lounge around in yukata at such onsen ryokan and maybe take a walk around in that relaxing gear.

So... I don't know where you are, but unless you are in an onsen resort, I would not *really* recommend it.
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Thanks 2007/12/17 16:35
Many thanks.

We will be at a Onsen resort around Hakone.
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winter wear 2007/12/17 17:26
Women wear full kimonos plus fur wraps etc. if they dress traditionally in winter. In a cotton yukata you would be very cold at New Year- even with an overcoat your legs would freeze, plus there is the oddness of wearing summer clothing outside in the middle of winter...
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don't catch cold 2007/12/18 12:03
Bryan, if you are going to stay at a ryokan or minshuku in Hakone, you will surely be provided a yukata and overwear for each person. There will also be "geta" footwear at the enterance for all guests to be free to wear when going out to the neighborhood.

You will be allowed to step out in those clothings to the yard, and probably to the neighborhood unless there are special regulations. See how far you can go in that freezing weather of Hakone on New Year's Eve. If it were me, my best bet would be to the nearest juice vending machine.
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"tried the search"?? 2007/12/18 12:06
Bryan, I hope you have booked your New Year's Eve accomodation already. They're likely to be full by now. Then all you have to do is to ask the accomodation staff about the yukata thing.
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Thanks everyone! 2007/12/18 12:08
Thanks for all the reply.

Well I've made all the bookings and stuff, now it's just the getting there.

Merry Christmas to all!
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