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What Do Japanese Wear In Their Sleep? 2007/12/18 00:17
I Just Want To Know, Especially The Teens... What Do They Wear In Their Sleep? Do They Wear Pyjamas? Or Just Simple Clothing Like T-Shirt And Shorts?

Additional Question:
What Do They Wear When They Just Stay At Home?

by Shediblo  

... 2007/12/18 10:06
It varies by person. Some wear pajamas, some wear jinbei, some wear a t-shirt and shorts, some wear their underwear, and some wear nothing.
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Probably the same as you 2007/12/18 10:18
People wear very similar clothes to western countries. To sleep they wear pyjamas or whatever they find comfortable, if they stay at home they wear jeans, tracksuit pants and a T-shirt, or again whatever they find comfortable.

It depends a lot on the season of course, in most of Japan the summer is very hot and humid but the winter is fairly cold.
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Thanks! 2007/12/18 21:04
Thanks For Answering Guys! It's Very Helpful Info! =)
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