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Insect fighting TV show 2007/12/18 00:46
Hello there everybody. I have been searching for the name of the TV show from Japan that features insects fighting each other. Here is a link to one of the video's on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb5EskYj1zE
I'm sure many people don't agree with pitting insects against each other and I would never do it myself, but I have to admit to being fasinated by this show. Some of the bugs I've never seen before and I'd like to get some more details on them.

Thanks for any help!
by Stavros  

... 2007/12/18 10:17
The video you posted looks like a TV special (and an old one at that), and isn't a regular show. I've seen many specials where they pit different beetles against each other in sumo type matches but in that case the bugs don't get hurt. I've never seen this type before where the bugs can kill each other.

Anyway, the big centipede they are showing is a mukade which is my most feared bug.

check out this blog about mukade:
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