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Re-ment products in Japan 2007/12/19 07:51
I am traveling to Japan and I collect Re-ment products (tiny figurines). Do anyone know how much they are, if they sell them in sets and if there are any specific stores/locations that sell them? Thanks for any feedback!
by Jellybelly7  

re ment 2007/12/19 11:13
I think should be Akihabara :)
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Try TOYS"R"US 2007/12/19 18:39
TOYS"R"US will have it, I bought some boxes from the branch in Sunshine City@Ikebukuro. Toys/collectables section in Tokyu Hands will also sell Re-ment. You might also find a shop that sells some in Decks at Odaiba, on a floor that is themed as a old shopping street.
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Re-ment products in Japan 2007/12/22 01:14
Thanks for the quick feedback. Do you have an idea of how much they are in Japan?
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Everywhere 2007/12/22 10:08
Rement is available almost everywhere.

I found it in the following places:

Bic Camera
Toys R Us
Snoopy World
Super Position
La Foret
Train Station Shops
Various Shopping Centres

A single blind box should cost between 300 and 800 yen. An entire set of ten/12 can cost between 3500 and 6000 yen, depending on how new/rare the set is.
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