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Zen art in Tokyo/Kyoto/Ise/Koyasan 2007/12/19 21:02

I will be in Tokyo/Kyoto/Ise/Koyasan during January, 2008.

A few years ago I saw an exhibition in Australia of Japanese art, titled "Zen Art" (or similar- it was a long time ago). I liked it a lot.

Are there any particular areas in Tokyo or Kyoto or Ise or Koyasan that may have galleries of "Zen Paintings" that also sell such paintings?

thanks in advance,
by DJjapan  

.. 2007/12/20 18:59
Tokyo - the art shops of Kanda Jinbocho - the book district - will surely have something. An excellent place to trawl.

Ise, being a major Shinto site, is not a likely place to find any Buddhist art necessarily, although you never know. It has plenty of not-Shinto material.

Koya-san is the HQ pf Shingon Buddhism, the very antithesis of Zen. But if you know anything at all about Sen temple decor and gardens it makes an interesting contrast.

You want Zen art, go to Kanazawa, Kamakura. Kyoto - for the very stylised, designed-to-death version. But I am sure you will find much in Tokyo.
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... 2007/12/27 19:18
Thanks, Pericles.
I will also be in Kamakura so that your information is very helpful!
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