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Gift For Bridesmaid 2007/12/20 05:39
I am getting married and would like to give a traditional and special Japanese gift to my maid of honor. We are both Japanese-Americans and I dont know what the tradition in Japan is. Please let me know of any ideas you guys have. Thanks!
by Sarah  

Japan 2007/12/20 17:57
I'm not a craftsman in this field. But I strongly recommend "japan(lacquerware)".
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no tradition 2007/12/20 18:49
Weddings in Japan do not have bridesmaids be it a Shinto style wedding or a Christian style wedding.

What do you seek in this gift? What do you want to wish for her? What would people normally give if the gift didn't have to be Japanese-related?

Maybe someone can give you some ideas. But Japan sounds good, although it's very delicate.
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Thanks 2007/12/20 23:06
The usual gift for a maid of honor is usually a nice piece of jewelry or other type of memento.
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Japanese jewery 2007/12/21 10:41
How about pearls, coral or tortoiseshell work then? In particular, the white color typical to pearls and the red color typical to coral jewery are happy colors in Japan.
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