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room rent $ advice 2007/12/21 02:50
I rented a room from someone 5 years ago. It was a 3 room apartment, and at that time he had already had a roommate and rented me the smaller room for 35,000 yen for 5 weeks.

In May I will rent a room from him again for 4 weeks, only this time there will be two of us because it is my honeymoon. This time he does not have a roommate to lesson what he is paying for rent.

When I asked him how much he would like us to pay for the room, he said 10,000 yen since it is our honeymoon. To pay so little feels like I would be taking advantage of him.

What do you guys think would be a fair amount to offer him? I have no idea what water and utilities cost in Osaka, but they can't be cheap. Not to mention what rent on a decent sized 3 bedroom apartment must be! And it is biking distance from Umeda, near Awaza station... so it is a good location too.

So... what should I pay? It would be great to stay in Japan for 4 weeks for only 10,000... but that I would feel guilty to pay so little.
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if 2007/12/21 15:28
he tell you the price is that and its kina of a gift that i gave you for your honeymoon it would be really rude to pay im more it a gift and its rude in japan to refuse a gift or give more money that they ask you! that my advice maybe bring him out for dinner give im the money in a odder way like gift go out and things like that!
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... 2007/12/21 18:25
I would not really worry about what the TOTAL rent he has to pay for the whole place; it's his decision not to have roommates on a more permanent basis.

I take it that you are not really a close friend with him, right? I mean, if he were to come to your wedding (for example), he would not be giving you 30,000 or 40,000 as gift money?

Then as a decent tenant :) if I were in your shoes, I would offer to pay him the same he charged you for the room some years ago, or if he give you a bigger room this time, maybe 40,000 or 50,000, telling him that since that's what you paid back THEN, at least you have to pay that much now. Of course when you try to pay him, there might be a bit of "ohhhhh, nooooo, you don't have to pay this much" "ohhh no, no, no, we MUST" type of resisting and insisting going on, but that's part of the whole culture too :)
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