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Ticket for Tohoshinki's arena tour 2008 2007/12/21 13:48
Me and my friends want to go to Tohoshinki's arena tour on april/may 2008. However, we're not familiar with the system to buy the ticket. I've heard that almost all concerts in japan use this lottery system. How does it work? And if any of you guys have a specific info about tohoshinki's arena tour ticket, please inform me..thanks
by yayauw  

... 2007/12/21 17:23
yayauw, for popular concerts such as Tohoshinki's, tickets are normally sold at 2 different steps. "Pre-reservation" by a lottery and "Regular sales" by first-come-first-serve method. Regular sales for Tohoshinki's will start next February.

However, so far, there's no English ticket reservation site. Even Japanese sites need address in Japan for mailing.

Do you live in Japan?
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pre reservation is still availible ? 2007/12/24 15:12
Thanks for your reply !!
I'm interested too because I will be in Tokyo until 22 march !!

Do you know if the pre reservation tickets is still availible ?? because I could try to find a japanese contact to get those tickets !

When the redular tickets sales will debut in february, will we do buy them via Internet ?

Thanks in advance for a future reply ^^
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... 2007/12/24 15:39
On PIA (ticket booking company in Japan) website, they say the "pre-reserve" ticket sales for the general public starts on Feb. 3rd for the concert on March 19 and 20 at Yokohama Arena.

If you know someone in Japan, on that day you could either book through the internet or call them (their site AND phone get very busy around 10 in the morning when sales starts).

In advance, of course tickets have already been on sale through the fan club, so I don't know how many tickets are actually available through the *general public* channel such as PIA.
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thanks 2007/12/25 20:59
Ah...thanks for the answers. Really appreciate it.

JLady, I live in Jakarta. However, I have 2 sisters who are currently studying in Osaka and my friend's sister in Tokyo.Unfortunately, they're not familiar with this ticket system. I'll forward this info to them and better ask them to buy me the ticket then.thanks again
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Thanks 2007/12/27 16:36
Thanks so much AK

I will try to find someone who lives in Japan !!

Maybe the travel manager !!

It would be horrible if I miss the tickets T_T
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concert tix 2007/12/29 10:06
Is it so difficult to purchase concert tix for the TVXQ concert in JP?
I thought of attending the one at Osaka Hall since I am in Osaka around those dates...any way to purchase the tix?
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I want a ticket too!! 2008/1/3 07:31

I'm in Europe and plan to go to the Yokohama Arena performances either on the 19th and 20th, heck, maybe both! Does anyone here know where I can get the tickets without having a contact in Japan?

I really want to watch them live this year...

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Nice <333 2008/1/4 05:44
That's great Ruby !!

Where do you come from exactly ?

Anyways, I haven't found a japanese contact who could buy my tickets so like Ruby, I hope there is another way to get tickets without have a contact who lives in Japan :P
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^_^ 2008/1/7 21:13
I'm originally from the Philippines, but currently living in the Netherlands.

I think it's virtually impossible to get tickets to their concert when you're not a member of their fanclub and/or living in the country they're holding the concerts at.. :(

But one can always hope!!
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Tix can be purchased online in JP only 2008/1/18 10:41
Unfortunately for Tohoshinki fans, i have enquired and they have stated the ticket sales are opened on Feb 3rd and fans tend to rush & snap all up. Either way is get a Japanese friend to buy it for you as the websites are all in Japanese.

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THSK Concert tickets 2008/1/20 13:33
The only way I hear that you can get concert tickets if you live outside Japan is through fdjp.com, yahoo-auctions or rinkya.com, crescent shop or ccmelon websites. All of those either bid for you on auctions for tickets or get those tickets for you directly. I am not sure how popular THSk is in Japan but they added six more shows so there should be plenty of tickets to buy.
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Concert tic 2008/1/21 19:46
I got my tix @ Osaka venue via FDJP, unfortunately the auctions or through the sites can be quite expensive though as they are re-sold tickets from Fan clubs.

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Help me Pls 2008/1/28 12:56
My name is Oil from Thailand. I want to go to yokohama arena on 19/20 March too. Anybody can help me to buy the tickets or give me some advices. Pls contact me : beradonna@hotmail.com

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Tohoshinki concert tickets 2008/1/28 13:44
If you really want tohoshinki concert tickets and you're an overseas fan go to fdjp.com and they'll help you get tickets within your price range. Just don't expect them to get you tickets for 7000 yen like at the original prices. This is the most expensive way to go but the most secure because a lot of fans from the Ayumi Hamasaki forum have used fdjp.com and they never have any problems. I also put in an order for their concert in Yokohama. Or if you want to go through yahoo auctions for cheaper tickets you could use rinkya.com or ccmelon to help bid for you and send the winning tickets to you.
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TOHOSHINKI :d 2008/3/23 21:46
everyone, i really want to know. .

how will i be able to get a THSK concert ticket for the SAITAMA ARENA concert on may 3, 5 or 6th? :| my friend and i really wants to know, and we really need your help. :|

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tohoshinki concert tickets 2008/3/28 08:29
somebody's selling a pair of tickets for the may5th show at Saitama on ebay..
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